Golf blogs may take a new turn

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, January 29th, 2006
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Browsing my HUGE golf blogroll I found an article and link which sparked my attention big time. Thanks to Golf With A Minnesota Twist for the link to a new golf blog. Yes I know, golf blogs are popping up faster than acne on a 13 year old girl these days. That’s why I started up The Golf Server. That’s another story…

This golf blog is different, and I see it as a very cool concept. It is the golf blog of The Raven at South Mountain, which is a golf course in Phoenix.

Many higher end golf courses have very fancy web sites. Surely they’re paying some web geek or ad firm some pretty substantial amounts of cash for the design and maintenance of these fancy sites. I’d personally rather they drop their rates a bit and ease up on the fancy flash animations on their sites.

Those fancy expensive golf course sites could be in trouble

Though it appears to be driven only by blog software, The Raven’s site it looks very clean, it’s very functional, it’s useful. They’ve taken the categories function and used them for items such as golf packages, specials, golf rates, group outings etc. They’re even going to have a course conditions section where the daily conditions would be posted. Now GWAMT hits the nail on the head in his post. If the course conditions sucked, would the blog entry reflect such information? I doubt it.

What I’m seeing is that a course could use a simple blog software like WordPress to create and maintain it’s own site. PGA Pros and range rats aren’t usually very computer savvy, so a system like that would be perfect for them. Rather than having to pay bucks for regular updates of the site, a golf pro could just make blog posts. Hmm, the gears are grinding away in my brain right now for my other site: The Golf Server.

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