Golf and cell phones

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 20th, 2006
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Soldius Golf BagMan I’ve been in the posting zone lately. I’ll just go with…

There’s a company called Soldius from the Netherlands which makes a golf bag with solar panels on it. This might be good for golfblogger‘s ridiculous item of the week. The solar panels allow you to charge your cell phone or blackberry.

If you’re golfing and you use your cell phone so much that you need to recharge it on the course, then you should just go away. I understand having a cell phone in case of emergency, but jabbering away on cell phones on the course is a big no-no in my book.

6 responses to “Golf and cell phones”

  1. $30 Nick says:

    Unless I’m playing alone, I leave my phone on but on silent mode. A quiet one-minute call which doesn’t interrupt play (say when you’re backed up on a par-3) is ok in my book, but anything which slows down the pace or distracts another player is punishable by being beat in the head with my 7-wood.

  2. kiwihacker says:

    MMM uhhhhhhhhhh sorry…………

  3. dave says:

    Even having one turned on during play should be a two stroke penalty. If you want to do business stay at work or home. Emergencies, they will send out a ranger to contact you.

  4. Cal says:

    Hypothetical – I have a pregnant wife, she could go into labour at any time, this could be my last chance to play golf for a while. If I go and play, am I allowed to keep the phone on?

  5. mediaguru says:

    Contraception. You shouldn’t put yourself in a situation which could possibly cause you to leave the course.

    Or you could put the phone in silent mode.

  6. adwinp says:

    I saw the bags at the PGA show they look great, and your cellphone doesn’t have to be on to charge it.