Chat with the Cleveland rep

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 19th, 2006
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I had a nice chat with the local Cleveland rep a few days ago. Cool guy. Some reps that work for really big golf companies that start with the letter “T” don’t even seem to want to give you the time of day. This guy not only have me the time of day, he and I swapped golf war stories for a good half an hour.

The two of us came up with a fun new game to try on the course. The “18 hole, press every hole” bet. If your normal bet is $2, then you start a new $2 bet on each hole.

I told the rep about my web sites and what I do and he asked if Cleveland ever sent me gear to review. I gave him some grief on that. I let him know that plenty of the other manufacturers do, but all Cleveland provides me with is press releases.

I asked him if Cleveland had any cool new stuff coming out this year. He said they were standing pat with the success of their current lineup. They’re moving the price down on their Launcher 460 comp so that it would be in the range of the very successful G2 and G5 by Ping.

I asked about Vijay’s driver. This is the one he just switched to and is supposedly knocking it even farther. Is that even possible? The rep told me there was nothing really going on with that club for now, but perhaps there might be some news in the summer.

Cleveland update complete.

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