Bridgestone coming out with two new balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 19th, 2006
Categories: Golf BallsGolf Equipment

I’ve gotten to know the local Bridgestone rep over the last half a year or so. He’s not your prototypical golf rep. He’s a young dude, shaved head and one of those Vijay under the lip hair things. He looks like he could be the vocalist for Disturbed.

He got me some Precept Laddie Extreme balls last summer and I did a small post on them. The best $20/dozen balls I’ve played for sure. The word is now that they’re $15. Smokin’.

I mentioned the Extreme’s to him and he told me they were coming out with two more balls, the e5 and e6. One is a “distance” ball and and the other a “distance & spin” ball. I asked him how you could have both distance and spin since most opinions are that you can’t have both. He told me that the ball was as long as any he’d hit, and it had major spin around the greens.

The kicker, is these going to be priced in the CHEAP category. Even poor hackers can afford good golf balls these days.

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