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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
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Fantasy Golf

The fantasy league is going to be AWESOME! We’ve got 24 teams so far. Join now if you haven’t already. There will be prizes and Nintendo has signed on as a sponsor! I’m still looking for 2-3 more sponsors too so hopefully we can have some great prizes.

This Week On Tour

All last year I had a block on the left column for the current week’s tour events and TV times as best as I could get them. I hope that has been useful to you. To make it easier I’m moving it to it’s own page now. In order to publish that block in the left column I had to go into the site template and program the html code which was a total pain. Now I can just add the text into a static page. The link to that page is in the upper left internal links.


As EatGolf has said, I have the gift of gab. It’s more like the gift of type. I’ve been considering doing podcasts. What is your opinion? Podcast or no? How often? What subjects? A certain sponsor has requested that their product be featured on a podcast so I’m experimenting with it. I’ve already got the feed and a test podcast is already listed in iTunes. Don’t bother checking it out yet though, it’s just a test.

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  1. thegolfgeek says:

    I hope you do the podcast.