Bob Hope: “Hoping” not to see Kenny G

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
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Here’s a quote from my 2005 preview of the Bob Hope:

Rant about the Bob Hope

The Hope is basically a shootout. If you like seeing low numbers, this one is for you. But what I DON’T like is watching freaking Michael Bolton golf. I’ll have to keep my distance on this one.

A year later my thoughts are exactly the same. Sure I’ll be tuning in to this tourney, but most likely when it’s pros only. Last year I thought this tournament was the George Lopez show. Guess what folks…I can’t stand George Lopez. He’s not funny. I swear I’ll turn the TV off the first time the camera goes on him.

Other players I “Hope” not to see:

Justin Timberlake: His name and golf should never be used in the same sentence.
Michael Bolton: Imagine yourself trapped in an elevator playing his music.
Rush Limbaugh: Stick to radio pal. Think he misses to the right?
Mary Povich: Stick to terrible TV pal.
Marshall Faulk: My favorite NFL player

2 responses to “Bob Hope: “Hoping” not to see Kenny G”

  1. BogeyLounge says:

    Warming up for the Bob Hope…

    Here are few links to get you warmed up for the Hope… Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Official Site Bob Hope Classic section The Full Field | TV Times The Desert Sun “Bob Hope Section” History of the Bob…

  2. thegolfgeek says:

    Rush Limbaugh doesn’t only hit his shots to the “right” they are also fat.
    My viewing is pretty much limited to Sunday on the Hope.