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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
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tattoo golf logoAs many of you know, I’m a rock & roll musician. Drummer to be exact. I love heavy metal, loud guitars and heavy bashing drums. That’s one reason I can’t stand it when they put Kenny G on TV golfing.

I roll into the golf course at 7:16 am with my 12 speaker Harmon Kardon car stereo cranked to nearly the ear bleed level. I love to get pumped up for a round of golf cranking the likes of Tool, Otep, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head and many more. I love the look on the cart boy’s face when I pull into a more snooty establishment with my windows and sunroof open and spewing out metal all over their parking lot.

People on the golf course are polite, quiet, conservatively well dressed and generally very mellow. Most golf attire and accessories are conservative, with the occasional colorful Jesper Parnevik styles.

hatFinally a company has bridged the gap I’ve been in. Finally a company has made golf attire and accessories with a “metal” edge to it. That company is Tattoo Golf.

Tattoo Golf’s logo says it all. A skull with two clubs as the cross-bones. Perfect. There’s no doubt what they’re about.

My good friends at Tattoo Golf were kind enough to supply me some samples of their wares to review.

My Tattoo Golf hat is great. It’s black with the skull and cross-clubs logo on it, and very comfortable adjustable cap.

My Tattoo Golf t-shirt has no collar. So what? See if some snooty golf course rules committee enforcer tries to get me to put a collared shirt on when he’s frightened by the huge skull on the back.

poloI can’t play a round of golf without my 16″ x 26″ 100% cotton Tattoo Golf towel. Mine is black of course.

For those times when I have to wear a “golf shirt” with a collar but I still want to send a message to the snooty people at the country club, I wear my Tattoo Golf polo. The polo is a very nice and comfortable Jersey Knit. My color is the khaki with black trim and is very good looking.


On the course I’ve got my Tattoo Golf tees and repair tools.

Tattoo Golf makes many other items such as wind breakers, women’s clothing and accessories and many others. I’d recommend picking up one of their “golf packs” which comes with various items such as a towel, hat, t-shirt, polo, tees etc. It’s a good way to get the whole Tattoo Golf vibe happening.


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  1. kiwihacker says:

    I’ve got a couple of the polo’s. I’ve had them a couple of years. I played at a resort course just after getting one. I trimmed the sleeves up a bit. You should have seen the look of the old fellas I had to wait for on the tee when I rocked up with the shirt, real tat’s showing and the crappiest golf bag you’ve ever seen. Then pound one over the roof of there (not on purpose) Hilariuos I tell ya





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