Join The Hooked On Fantasy Golf League! WIN GOLF GEAR!!!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 6th, 2006
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It’s time for some fantasy golf my friends! This is a great way to have fun, keep track of your favorite players and tournaments, give your fellow competitors a rash of hell when you beat them, and win some nice golf prizes!

I’ve set up a new group at Yahoo fantasy sports. You’ll need to have a Yahoo ID if you don’t already. Not a big deal. It’s free to sign up for the ID and for the fantasy golf.

The group name is: Hooked On Fantasy Golf
The group number is: 4649
The password is: masters
Official league discussion board:

When you sign up comment in here so we know who you are!

Join up and let’s get a big fantasy golf league happening! I’m going to try to make arrangements with equipment sponsors for Hooked On Golf Blog to provide a prize or prizes for the winners. I’m not talking about a sleeve of Pinnacles either folks. I’m hoping to get a BIG prize for first like a new driver or golf bag or something like that. Don’t miss out!

Attention site sponsors and equipment manufacturers: Please contact me if you’d like to sponsor the HOFGL league for 2006. I’d like to see a sponsor for first, second and third place at least. Posts or information regarding the league would contain sponsor info such as “Hooked On Fantasy Golf League. Sponsored by xyz golf company.”

UPDATE: I’ve already locked down two prizes! Wow, two prizes after this post is only 8 hours old! I can’t tell you from what company yet, but you would NEVER guess who it is! I’ll let you know as soon as I’m “allowed” to.

7 responses to “Join The Hooked On Fantasy Golf League! WIN GOLF GEAR!!!”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    You know I’m in!

    Not that I am competitive or anything 😉 but a chance to unleash the fantasy golf dark side on you Media and all the HOGB readers that are up for it.. Three words: Phear the skillz!

    PS Let the record reflect that I predict a good year for Fred Couples..

  2. mediaguru says:

    Bring it on Eat. You don’t scare me. Let’s see what you got.

  3. I’ve never participated in a fantasy sports league. I’ll sign up and see what it’s like.

  4. mediaguru says:

    It’s quite fun. You pick your line up each week and your scores are based on how well the players you pick perform. It ads a little more interest for you when you’re watching the tournament on tv. You really hope your player makes that birdie putt or you get ticked off when one of your players knocks one OB.

  5. […] Season Earlier today, I signed up for Yahoo’s Fantasy golf and joined the HOG group. I have never participated in any of the fantasy sports before. I heard many people talk about […]

  6. $30 Nick says:

    The Chicagoland Duffers are in. I’ve never done fantasy golf before, so I’m getting ready to revel in my 24th place finish. 🙂





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