Start your engines… Golf blogarama 2006

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 2nd, 2006
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2006 is here and now the golf bloggers are revving up their blogs for 2006.

New golf blogs (at least to me)
Luke Swilor is a new golf blogger. He’s got a cool angle. He’s a young pro golfer trying to work his way to the PGA Tour. He’s also a neighbor! Luke and I intend to have the first ever on the course golf blogger match. I need shots…
30 Dollar Golf is all about finding good golf at a good price.
Golfing Zen is a golf blog dedicated to the mental game. (my weakness for sure).

Veteran golf blogs:
The Sand Trap is back after a holiday break.
Though he hasn’t posted since December 21st, you know my pal Rich at eatgolf is going to be busting out something cool.
Bogey took a small break and he’s back.
Golf Chick is the most decorated golf blogger out there unless someone out there has the hardware to prove otherwise.
Robert Thompson is definitely THE golf blogger from the great white North, aye?
Wounded Duck is about the most “to the point” golf blogger out there.
MJonGolf was one of the original golf bloggers. He’s had some what a of quandry as to just what he wants to blog about. And I hope this is not bad news, but I just went to his site and it’s just an index. There’s no site there now. Is MJ bagging it or working on something new?
Kiwi has gotten to be a good buddy. Check out his blog from New Zealand.
Golf Punk is my idol golf site. One check of the bunker babes is all you need to know why.
GolfBlogger is one of the elite golf blogs. He’s just opened a forum too.

There are TONS of other golf blogs out there. A year or so ago there were very few. If I didn’t mention you I probably still have you linked in the HOG Master Links section. If not, comment in and I’ll add you to the list!

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