It’s time to think about naked women

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, January 1st, 2006
Categories: Miscellaneous

The slogan here is “Golf, life (in that order).” Pretty much sums up my mindset. But I found this thing called a “sloganizer” and I typed in Hooked On Golf Blog to see if it could come up with a better slogan. Here are my favorites:

«I’d sleep with Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«Hooked On Golf Blog, pure lust.»
«I lost weight with Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«Don’t mess with Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«Swing your Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«I’d walk a mile for Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«Don’t get in the way of Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«Hooked On Golf Blog. Making people sucessful in a changing world.»
«Take what you want, but leave Hooked On Golf Blog alone!»
«Hooked On Golf Blog – spice up your life.»
«You don’t want Hooked On Golf Blog as your enemy!»
«My Hooked On Golf Blog, your Hooked On Golf Blog, Hooked On Golf Blog for all!»
«Have a break, have a Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«Hooked On Golf Blog never sleeps.»
«I quit smoking with Hooked On Golf Blog.»
«It’s not a dream. Hooked On Golf Blog is real!»

Well, maybe my original slogan is good enough.

For fun let’s try typing in “naked women”

«naked women- what more could you want?»
«naked women – it’s like heaven!»
«naked women – get ready.»
«Enjoy naked women.»
«See the world with naked women.»
«naked women for you!»
«naked women for your life.»
«When you say naked women you’ve said it all.»
«I believe in naked women.»
«hhmmmmm… naked women.»
«naked women, i want it all.»
«God made naked women.»
«Halleluja, it’s a naked women.»
«Can you feel naked women?»
«naked women wanted.»
«Connect with naked women.»
«I fall for naked women.»
«It’s time to think about naked women.»
«A day with naked women.»
«My naked women, your naked women, naked women for all!»
«Endless possibilities with naked women.»

Now let’s type in… oh nevermind.

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