10 best pictures of the year? I don’t think so

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, December 17th, 2005
Categories: Golf Media

Christina KimBrowsing Geoff Shackelford’s blog I found a link to the Golf Digest’s 10 best pictures of the year. I must say I’m quite disappointed. You’d think they could do way better. Of the ten pictures they chose, six are LPGA images. Two of those six have Michelle Wie in them.

Now please don’t get me wrong. Having LPGA pictures is fine. The Morgan Pressel picture is very cool. And there are a couple of others that are neat. Regardless of subject matter, out of ten I’d say 3-4 are deserving. I would think they could find more than four measly “pictures of the year” from all the amazing happenings on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour or somewhere else in 2005.

Where’s a good picture of Jack crying at his last Masters? Where’s a good picture of Jack at his last Open Championship (not the one they have where Jack is a tiny spec in a wide angle image). Where’s an image of David Toms on a stretcher? Where’s an image of Tiger slashing one out of the woods? Where’s an image of Jason Gore, Ernie, Vijay, Sergio, Irwin, Watson, bla bla bla.

Instead we have this image of Christina Kim (pictured)??? Are you kidding me? This image is without a doubt, pure photographic genius.

Perhaps Golf Digest is trying to appeal to women readers because their male readers have flattened out? Perhaps they’re just trying to be more politically correct? Or perhaps, they just didn’t manage to capture any better pictures that these in 2005.

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