Got an extra $90 million? Buy Troon North then!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
Categories: Golf CoursesMiscellaneous

If you’ve ever hit Scottsdale on a golf outing you’ve probably played a round at Troon North. If you’ve played more than one round there in one trip, then you have more dough than me. TN was $200 the last time I played it, and I didn’t run into Phil Mickelson or Gary McCord.

TN is a great course (actually there are two 18 hole courses there). I love the design and I’m a big desert course lover. They really “foof” it up there. You have guest services people, people who drive you to the range and assign you a range spot, people who let you know about your tee time in person and escort you to the tee, starters, starters for the starters…

Sometimes that kind of “foofy” resort golf is OK, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. TN borders on the too much end of resort golf for my taste. But you gotta love the course.

The story is floating around now at places like The Sand Trap Forum and Geoff Shackelford’s blog that TN is up for sale. Price: $90,000,000.

Let’s do some math. With NO operating expenses figured in, you’d have to get 450,000 rounds played there to reach $90mil. Woa. Any takers?

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