Big Break IV – Marty goes home

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
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I’ve been watching the Big Break IV all “season” but have yet to do any posts about it until now. It’s not that tonight’s episode was something amazing or anything. It is just coming down to the wire and getting more interesting.

Tonight they had to get the European team of 3 down to two, so the Americans got to sit out for a 2nd week in a row. The concept is to have a final 4 consisting of 2 Americans and 2 Europeans.

The last half hour of this episode pitted Guy against Mary in 3 holes of stroke play. Frankly I was surprised Marty lasted as long as he did. His swing had a lot of extra movement in the body and hands…lots of things that can break down under pressure. But the main reason I thought he wouldn’t last was his mental strength. He lived and died with every shot. He s***ked several shots in previous episodes. And when he got mad he did his best to destroy the golf course. I bet the folks at Carnoustie were glad when he left so the didn’t need to send the grounds crew out for more repairs after he’d bury a club in the ground.

My pick at this point to win the whole thing is Guy. He’s steady. He has a great swing and he putts lights out. Plus there seems to be a bit of an intangible “Bernhard Langer” quality to him.

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  1. iacas says:

    Just for the sake of argument I’m going with the other European, whose name at this point escapes me… TJ, Paul, Guy, and Thomas, that’s his name. That’s how I’d rank them, worst to best.