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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 21st, 2005
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My buddy the Golf Grouch has an excellent post you should read about stolen golf clubs. There are many sneaky and down right blatant ways a crook can make off with your clubs. And they’ll be easy to dump on ebay.

The post made me wonder just how much dough I’d be out if my clubs got stolen:

Driver: $300 (if I used the expensive driver it would be $699)
3W: $500 (yep, high end I know)
Hybrid: $230
Irons: $800
Wedges: $520
Putter: $140
Balls: $80
Misc items in bag: $60
Bag: $150
Rain gear, jackets etc: $200
Umbrella: $50
Sunglasses: $150
Wallet: I put my wallet in my bag when I play. Who knows how much is in there!

Total $3180

One new way the thugs are snagging clubs is this: A player joins up as a single. A few holes into the round he mentions that he’d forgotten a club on the last hole. So he takes the cart, with his and your clubs on it, back to presumably get the lost club. Instead, the crook drives all the way to the parking lot where he loads your entire bag (and probably your wallet inside your bag) into his trunk and drives away. All the while you’re standing out there on the course wondering what’s taking so long for the guy to get his lost club.

Be careful out there. Take your bag off the cart if some stranger needs to go back. You can tell him it’s “to keep up the pace of play.”

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    Another reason to walk!