Now that the season is over, what will golf bloggers blog about?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
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What will we golf bloggers have to blog about for the next couple of months?

The PGA Tour season has ended. Most the other tours have ended or will be ending in the next week or two. There will be a few “hit & giggle” events between now and the end of the year like the Skins Game and Tiger’s event. But essentially any “serious” golf is over for the year.

Some out there are saying that us golf bloggers are going to be scrambling to find something to blog about. I for one will have NO problem finding material. I’ve got tons of reviews in the works on equipment, accessories and golf courses. Plus I have a few “ideas” up my sleeve that I may implement here or at my sister golf site Web Country Club over the Winter months when there’s snow on the ground in these parts. (I pray for very little snow though).

The best thing golf bloggers blog about is each other. Someone out there is always coming up with some good news, equipment nuggets or opinions that are worth linking to. And as long as we are able to hit the links now and then there will aways be war stories to blog about.

2 responses to “Now that the season is over, what will golf bloggers blog about?”

  1. Jack GA says:

    Interesting !
    Some topics for golf bloggers to write :
    1. why play golf ?
    2. what do you when u dont play golf .
    3. does your kids play golf.
    4. how many new friends you make when you play golf.

    for me , next weekend will be my last golf weekend.Two local golf tournaments on saturday and sunday. wife will deliver our third child on 25th ( c section again ). Then it will be monsoon season over here which usually means the golf bag will be in the storeroom for a month.

    Jack GA

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