Tour Championship Preview

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 30th, 2005
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It’s an exciting and yet sad part of the golf season this week:
The Tour Championship

The sad part is because this basically marks the end of the PGA season. There will be some “events” on TV between now and the end of the year, but nothing meaningful. What are us bloggers going to have to rant about? I’m sure we’ll find something…

The exciting part is this is our last chance to see the big guns of golf all compete against each other. The top 30 big guns/money winners to be exact.

Tiger has sewn up the money title for 2005 with $9,913,024. Vijay Singh is next at $7,733,503. Even with a win at The Tour Championship he won’t be able to catch Tiger.

Missing guns

Phil Mickelson has decided NOT to play in The Tour Championship this year. He didn’t give a specific reason other than it was a “personal, private decision” which he isn’t going to discuss.

Ernie Els is still recovering from his knee injury and will not be playing in TTC as well. So only three of the top five players in will be competing.

The Course

East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta Georgia is the venue.

Some interesting nuggets about East Lake:

1. The course opened on July 4, 1908.
2. The course was the home course of my all time favorite golfer: Bobby Jones.
3. Tim Bendelow was the original architect, but the amazing Donald Ross reworked the whole course in 1913. Reese Jones tweaked it a bit more in 1993.
4. The par 72 course measures 7,112 yards.
5. Vijay Singh has the course record: 63 in 1998 (par 70)
6. Preserving the traditions of golf, East Lake has NO golf carts. Walkers with caddies only. Excellent.

2 responses to “Tour Championship Preview”

  1. Yeah, I don’t know about Phil. All I can say is I’d die to play at East Lake.

    I don’t think I could beat a 63 though or even hit par for that matter hahaha.

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