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A Wie little mistake causes DQ

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 16th, 2005
Categories: LPGA Tour

Samsung World Championship

Michelle Wie made an illegal drop in her first tournament as a “pro” on the LPGA Tour. She was disqualified and missed out on her first pro paycheck of around $53,000. Not quite the debut she was looking for.

Amidst all the Wie fanfare Annika Sorenstam ran away with the win. She lapped the field by 8 shots. Message sent from Annika to Wie: “Not so fast turbo.”

5 responses to “A Wie little mistake causes DQ”

  1. barrytaylor says:

    Michael Bamberger should stick to his golf articles and not be a Wannabee Tour Pro…what was in it for him for calling attention to the videotape of Michelle Wie’s error? PUBLICITY!!! A person that would bring someone down to make himself noticed is a RAT!!! No more SI for me until the RAT, Michael Bamberger, is gone…..and I don’t expect that to happen, so ADIOS TO SI!!!

  2. barrytaylor says:


  3. mediaguru says:

    I’d like to thank Michelle Wie’s father for dropping in and posting a comment. 🙂 This brings up a good toping for next time: Should fans, press or people not involved in the tournament be able to call out players for rules violations?

  4. barrytaylor says:

    You figured out my alias….she was going to get me a Hummer! Maybe Emiril could invite BAM-berger to his show during the next tournament.

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