Dream Playoff: Tiger vs Daly

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 10th, 2005
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Nick Faldo goes gaga over Tiger’s shots so much I bet he has to bring a change of underwear to the announcer’s booth. Just a thought.

So the WGC-Amex Championship ends with two tied at the top. Tiger and Daly…. Just what the doctor ordered!

Tiger launches his tee shot on the first playoff hole 346 yards into the first cut right of the fairway. Then Daly casually whacks one 357 yards down the middle but didn’t even watch it because he was too busy picking up his cigarette off the tee box. Could these guys be any different, personality and “body-temple” wise?

On the 2nd playoff hole sadly Daly misses a 3 foot putt that would have sent them off to a 3rd. It really should not have ended that way, and you could tell Tiger felt bad for JD. JD just got a little too careless and quick on that putt and should have taken a few more seconds to size it up. But that’s the way he operates and you can’t argue with his latest run of success.

This victory marks the “already player of the year” Tiger’s 6th of the season. What a hack.

2 responses to “Dream Playoff: Tiger vs Daly”

  1. iacas says:

    I wonder how much of Tiger’s reaction was for show. I’m not saying I think it was a large part – maybe 5% – but I wonder how much he planned to look disappointed for the cameras so he would not be seen as “smug” by those willing to criticize him for anything.

    Such is how it is to be Tiger Woods – I would bet he has to think of that lest he show the slightest bit of joy at winning. 😛

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