40 years ago today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 9th, 2005
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October 9, 1965

40 years ago today Bonneville’s club house was dedicated.

Oh, and 40 years ago today I was born.

That must be why I play so well at Bonneville

6 responses to “40 years ago today”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    Happy Birthday!

    You’re probably out partying it up by now – have a KNOCKDOWN SHOT of PUNCH OUT on THE DANCE FLOOR and don’t CHOKE on that SLICE of birthday cake.

    FORE TEE years!


    PS a FRIED EGG and some CHILI DIP might cure the hangover tomorrow.. ok, I’ll stop now I’m such a HACK. Happy Birthday Media!

  2. mediaguru says:

    Thanks buddy. You are the golf pun master for sure.

  3. iacas says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. iacas says:

    You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too!

  5. mediaguru says:

    Just like my kids….

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