Buy a new short game… My old one is on ebay for $.03

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 6th, 2005
Categories: Hackers

The word’s around town not to talk to me about my golf game right now. My musician friends at my jam session last night said “I heard at the restaurant not to talk to you about your golf game.” My long game is huge right now but my short game is so bad I can turn a birdie into a bogey in one swing. Last time I played (Sunday), I was bombing my driver 40 yards past the longest hitter in my group, but gagging on my chip shots. I believe Tiger calls that “throwing up all over yourself.” I turned many a birdie into a bogey or worse. I lost my temper. I wanted to break something but I didn’t, fortunately.

Just in time to save the day I have a couple of shiny new wedges to try out. I know my problems are mental, but I’d rather put my blame on static pieces of forged steel than my own mind. Golfers love to do that: blame bad shots on influences they have no control over.

Perhaps these new shiny pieces of forged metal will give my fragile golf psyche some confidence. Maybe thinking about playing with new toys instead of worrying about how bad the next chip will be is going to be enough to help. Today’s round in 1.5 hours will answer that question.

I hope I get something going because I play in a 27 hole tournament with my pop tomorrow. We play against the guy in the restaurant with the big mouth. I’d like to make him eat his words tomorrow.

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