It’s not your swing, it’s your clubs. It’s not your clubs, it’s your swing.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
Categories: Hackers

A good friend of mine was having some issues with his golf game. His swing wasn’t quite right and wisely he sought out a PGA Professional for some lessons. Well, maybe it was a wise choice.

The pro was based in one of those facilities which is primarily a driving range, and secondarily an “executive” golf course. During the lesson the pro informed my friend that due to his height (about 6’3″) and his swing, his clubs were a complete mismatch. In the pro’s words, “it’s not your swing, it’s your clubs.” He wouldn’t really be able to help my friend because they’d have too much trouble trying to overcome the mismatched clubs.

My friend was serious about improving his game so he asked the pro what he should do. The pro told him the best thing for him would be to have a custom set of Henry-Griffitts irons made for him. Trustingly my friend then went through the fitting process, and then plopped down $1700 for the clubs.

A couple of weeks later my friend excitedly called me and we immediately met at the driving range. He was thrilled to try out his new clubs and see how great his swing would work.

On the range he had some troubles hitting the new irons. In fact, he could hardly hit them at all. Now mind you, this is a 4 handicap player who just can’t make solid contact. He tried everything he could think of to adjust his swing but he still never hit the irons well.

At his next lesson with the pro he explained his problems with the clubs. The pro had him hit a few shots. When he asked the pro what he thought, the pro said “it’s not the clubs, it’s your swing.”

Needless to say my friend was furious. He ended up having a very heated battle with the pro and his shop and nearly consulted with an attorney. Eventually the pro took back the irons and gave my friend a refund.

Be sure you’re with a pro you can trust.

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