Where’s Bogey?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
Categories: Golf Media

I haven’t seen a post over at Bogey Lounge since September 10th. I’m getting worried that Bogey Man is in the hurricane area.

Bogey: You OK?

4 responses to “Where’s Bogey?”

  1. iacas says:

    He’s in the D.C. area, IIRC. He’s been publishing several “test” messages, trying to get his head around MovableType 3.2, I think.

  2. BogeyMan says:

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for asking about me… I’m fine, thankfully I’m not in a hurricane area… However, it feels like my site was hit by a hurricane.

    About three weeks ago, I started getting about 800 spam comments and trackbacks per day… in an effort to stop that and still allow legitimate comments, I began an update on my blog software. The update didn’t take very well on my hosting server, so I’ve spent the last few days trying to fix things. Being about as good at programming as I am at putting 🙁 I just couldn’t get things together… SO… I’ve upgraded my hosting package (big time) and plan on moving the site and re-launching over the next few days.

    Thanks for thinking of me, I admire how you keep the HoG site up while at the same time having time for family and other things. You the man!


  3. mediaguru says:

    Hmm. Does not sound like fun but I’m glad you’re ok and still blogging. Yours is one of the top golf blogs out there. Now I’m getting worried about the spam…

    Speaking of a hurricane hitting, my pro sound forum got hacked a couple of days ago. They brought the entire site to it’s knees, deleted my forum templates, and erased my database (users, posts, categories…the works) and locked ME out. In place of all that data is a moronic graphic and a post that says “hacked by…”. (some 14 year old kid from Turkey).

    Now my site that I spent a ton of time building up over the last year or so has been shut down.

    I’ve been frantically backing up HoG and my other sites. I’m ready for these aholes now.

  4. BogeyMan says:

    It has gotten out of hand… I always think, “who would bother screwing with my little site?”… but your story is one to learn from…

    There are a lot of ways to protect yourself, and that is why I’m shutting it down for a couple of days and coming back strong and hopefully better protected.

    Thanks for your thoughts…






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