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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
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golfdashOne of the things bloggers do is link to each other. When we find cool sites, posts, blogs or other web content we link there. I’m telling you today about a place that I’ve found to be a great golf resource: Golf Dash, The Intelligent Golf Directory. And talk about links? Golf Dash has more outgoing links than any golf site I’ve ever seen.

It’s all about content

Just about any content you are looking for can be found at Golf Dash. Funny thing is that the content isn’t there, but the links to all the golf content you’ll ever need are. The main categories are Courses, Equipment, Golf Industry, Groups & Orgs, Instruction, News-Travel-eShop, The Game & Competition and of course a Blog.

Each of the above mentioned categories can have several subcategories. For instance the instruction category has five subcategories. Each of those subcategories then has it’s own subcategories with dozens of links within. I just counted one equipment subcategory which had 207 links. Now all of the pages do not necessarily have that many links, but on average I’d say each one has 100. So 100 times roughly five sub cats, times 7 main categories. 100x5x7=3500. Plus there are other links as well in other areas of the site. So I’m going to guess there are 3600+ golf links there. Wow.

Search, find

Golf Dash also has some good built in search features for internal and web searching. I typed in “Titleist” and came up with several “portlet” link results. From those portlets I was able to find 100’s of Titleist links either on the Titleist site or the web.

In the golf course search I typed in the word “Sandy” which happens to be the city where a couple of my home courses are located. Within about 3 seconds I had links to the 3 clubs I play in the city of Sandy, their addresses, directions and telephone numbers.


How many sites do you go to where you don’t like the color scheme or the way the data is organized? At golf dash you can personalize your experience with your account settings. You can change color schemes and even modify the content layout.


Whether you’re looking for golf equipment, news, organizations or just the phone number to the course down the street, Golf Dash is a valuable resource. Though there are literally thousands of links, the streamlined categorization and search functions make it very quick and easy to find what you’re looking for in the golf world.

3 responses to “Dash on over to Golf Dash”

  1. Insta Marv says:

    …and I like them, too!

  2. trihan says:

    WOW, GolfDASH the ultimate Golf Site. Thank you for letting us know about it. I will start using it from now on, Thank you, from TRK @ http://www.golfstuffreview.com

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