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Gore wins first PGA Tour event

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, September 18th, 2005
Categories: PGA Tour

goreWow! Only six weeks after Jason Gore got his tour card, he has notched is first victory at the 84 Lumber Classic. He managed to control his nerves enough to eke out a 1 stroke victory over Carlos Franco.

Gore has been one of the biggest stories in golf this year and the story is just getting better. I still think you have to give the nod to Tiger as the biggest story of the year for winning two majors, but Gore is right there in 2nd place.

2 responses to “Gore wins first PGA Tour event”

  1. iacas says:

    It’s “eke.”

  2. mediaguru says:

    I knew I could count on the erik spell checker for a proof read… But why doesn’t my current spell checker spit that one out at me?