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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 16th, 2005
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I’m in three men’s clubs here in town. Two of the three clubs have a year long match play tournament to determine the club champion. You play about 1 match per month over the summer golf season and if you win every match you get into the finals. I actually got into the final match in BOTH clubs this year! The previous match (27 holes) I lost to a guy who caught fire with four birdies in the last 5 holes.

Yesterday I played in the 18 hole club champ final of club #2. Here’s the hole by hole match:

1. Par 5: Opponent birdies and I par with a ball in the hazard. One down.
2. Par 4: I nearly jar my approach shot and hit the flag stick. 1′ birdie putt. Even.
3. Par 3: Both miss the green. I don’t get up and down. One down.
4. Par 4: I par, he bogeys. Even.
5. Par 5: I par, he birdies. One down
6. Par 3: Pars. Still one down.
7. Par 4: He knocks his tee shot into hazard and I par. Even
8. Par 3: Pars. Even
9. Par 4: I make 35 foot birdie. One up.
10. Par 4: He knocks tee into hazard and I par. Two up.
11. Par 4: Pars. Two up.
12. Par 3: Pars. Two up.
13. Par 5: He birdies and I par. One up.
14. He pars and I bogey. Even.
15. Par 4: I par, he bogeys. One up.
16. Par 4: I double, he bogeys on a terrible green. Even.
17. Par 4: I almost drive green, chip lips out. He chips close and we both birdie. Even
18. Par 3: I knock tee shot to 5 feet and birdie for the WIN!


As club champ I get to play this weekend in a two day “tournament of champions” which is sponsored by the local state golf association. It is at a great resort course called Wolf Creek. This is not the Wolf Creek I mentioned in Mesquite Nevada, but one up in Northern Utah.

5 responses to “Club Champion”

  1. iacas says:

    The 18th is a par 3? What are your thoughts on a finishing one-shotter?


  2. mediaguru says:

    One of my absolute favorite courses ends with a very tough par three. The green is SO severely tiered that it is almost a guaranteed bogey if you put your tee shot on the wrong tier. So, I kind of like that. It is especially interesting when all the bets are on the line with that shot…

  3. Eat Golf says:

    That looked like a very exciting up and down match and you won it with a birdie! What a putt to win – you must have felt some real pressure over it – awesome stuff!

    Even with the double you still shot even par! Congratulations Media

    Now go win that tournament of champions.

  4. mediaguru says:

    Thanks Rich. I was starting to feel the nerves on the last few holes. I was quite happy with being able to pull off the shots under pressure (especially finishing birdie-birdie). Since it was match play I wasn’t even worrying about my total score. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized what score I had shot. That is a tight track too.

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