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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
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The rules of golf can be quite dry, boring and downright hard to interpret. They can also be hard to remember. Gimme A Ruling is a “Trivial Pursuit” type of game which will make the rules of golf fun, interesting and easy to remember.


Top notch quality

The first thing I noticed when I opened up my Gimme A Ruling game was how nice all the components are. The game comes in a very elegant wooden case, somewhat like a humidor for cigars. The case has a protective draw-stringed bag. Inside the case you’ll find a matching wood game card holder, score cards, dice, pencils and instructions. The print components are on top notch paper and have excellent print quality. In short, this is a game has a classy look and is built to last many years.


Playing the game

There are three dice, each with twenty sides. Die one is white and has ten roman numerals 1-10. The roman numerals correspond with the 10 categories of the question and answer cards (QA). Die two is the red birdie die. The red has par, birdie and eagle scores. When you get a question correct, you roll the red birdie die and receive the score you roll. The black bogey die has par, bogey and double bogey scores. You roll the black die when you answer a question incorrectly.


The questions and answers

Some of the questions can be quite challenging. Often times there are two answers or solutions to the problem: One for stroke play and one for match play. Many “discussions” have ensued between my pals and I trying to argue one way or the other about a certain question. Playing the game simply gets your mental golf game juices flowing.

The question and answer cards contain over 550 on the course scenarios with the correct rulings as provided by the USGA. The QA cards are divided into ten categories:

1. The game / order of play / teeing ground
2. Clubs and the ball
3. Players responsibilities
4. Playing the ball (A)
5. Playing the ball (B)
6. The putting green
7. Ball moved, deflected or stopped
8. Relief situations and procedure (A)
9. Relief situations and procedure (B)
10. Administration

The game comes with scorecards similar to any you’d find on a regular golf course. You write your scores by “hole” for 18 holes. You could even do what I did with my buddies: Use score cards from your favorite courses instead of the provided cards.

Simplified, playing the game is like this: Roll the white die. Answer the corresponding category question. Roll the birdie or bogey dice depending on whether your answer is correct. Mark score on scorecard. The player with the best golf score wins.

One other nice thing about playing the game is that it is similar to playing a round of golf. You can play golf with your friends or as a single. Just like golf, you can challenge your own best score when playing Gimme A Ruling by yourself.


Gimme A Ruling is a coffee table quality product. The quality of the product and packaging is only rivaled by the fun you’ll have playing it. Gimme A Ruling would make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for any golf enthusiast.

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