This week’s hot topic: DVR/TIVO

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, September 5th, 2005
Categories: Golf Media

There are a bunch of golf blog posts and other articles regarding DVR’s or Tivo’s this week. Personally I think the DVR is one of the best inventions in the past several decades. I love to record a golf program and skip over the commercials. You save yourself a good 15-20 minutes per hour. This gives you more time to…! Besides, who needs to see another Celtic Woman advertisement? Business Insider
“The rise of TiVo and DVR technology has clubmakers considering many ways to maintain their dialog with golfers…”

Golfblogger asks “will Tivo kill advertising?”

Golf Chick has a great article outlining Tivo tips for golf fans.

Geoff Shackelford asks “DVR’s impacting golf advertising?”

Might I suggest that the way clubmakers can maintain or even strengthen their dialog with golfers is to HAVE a dialog with them. What better way to do that than golf blogs and golf forums?

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