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One hell of a mulligan

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
Categories: Hackers

I was invited by some guys who work at my home course to go play a around with them Tuesday. They had some kind of free “corporate” pass at a “resort” course about an hour drive East of here in a town called Heber City.

When we got there the weather changed from sunny to a lightning fest with a cold rain. I had only an umbrella as I had my “Summer” bag. My Summer bag is a lighter bag with no rain gear in it. Summers here are dry and 90-105 degrees.

So we waited until the rain had almost stopped and then started our round. It was very cold and wet but we played through it. Finally on about the 5th green the bad weather blew over and it was nice and warm.

The chap who invited me grabbed my cell phone and called the pro shop and asked if we could start our round over since the weather was so bad when we started. They had no problem with that. The chap was so unhappy with his round that he wanted to just start over. I’ve never done that before but since I was their guest, and I hit the same house on one hole twice, I went along with it. So we got in about 23 holes and it was quite fun.

That’s one hell of a mulligan.

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