Hooked on tweaking part 2

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 22nd, 2005
Categories: Site News

I’ve spent a few days “under the hood” here at HOGB. As per the previous tweaking post, I’ve made some mods. Let’s see if you’ve noticed and if you like them.

1. Changed the site to a fixed width instead of fluid. I can go back to fluid later…
2. Made the HOGB logo image a link to the blog home
3. Moved up recent posts to better spot
4. Added random golf quotes to upper right (thanks MJ) and nuked upper left quotes.
5. Added text sponsor link section
6. Added “previous entries” and “next entries” to the bottom of each page
7. Implemented text justification in posts
8. Fixed image bug where images bigger than post table would extend beyond the table. That bug made me want to change to fixed width originally but now that it’s fixed I could go back to fluid…

Cool? Any problems? Any suggestions?

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