Tiger wins the NEC….and is good

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 21st, 2005
Categories: PGA Tour

Notes about the NEC Invitational.

tigernecTiger is good. He made an awesome birdie on #16 after driving it into the trees. He had to punch out to about 195 yards. He smoothed a 7 iron to 17 feet and made an improbable birdie. He took the outright lead into the last two holes and never gave it up, despite driving it in the trees on 18 as well. (Sounds like the ’05 Masters).

Tiger won his 5th tourney of the year to extend his #1 ranking and money lead. He’s looking at the rest of the PGA Tour in his rear view mirror now.

Speaking of the ’05 Masters, Chris DiMarco had posted his score of -5 and was in the clubhouse watching Tiger knock it in the trees. He was hoping for a chance at another playoff but that never happened.

Stuart Appleby had some interesting nuggets. First he knocked a drive on 16 over 400 yards for the 3rd time. 2nd, he was penalized two strokes because his caddy picked up his moving ball which he’d dropped near the cart path. The ball apparently has to travel two club lengths before it can be stopped.

Kenny Perry just plain melted down. He had it to -8 at one point but jumped on the bogey train and made stops at most of the holes en route to a 74 and a tie for 6th.

One response to “Tiger wins the NEC….and is good”

  1. dmaninmoval says:

    Anyone who watched the NEC today should have come away with the same conclusion that Lanny Wadkins did. There is no way unless a metorite hits the planet, that Tiger will not be the Player of the Year. Tiger can smell the fear in these guys now doubt and he plays off of that the same way that Bird,Magic and Jordan did. It is time that we forget about the “big 5” and lets call it what it really is. The reality is this, Tiger is all by himself and the rest of the guys are basking in the light of media coverage plain and simple. Jim Nantz said after Phil finished at 18 that he was just not here and still on the high of the Monday win. That is a load of crap and an excuse big time. When Vijay was on his roll last year it was week after week that he was winning. Phil is not that good and for him to be as good as people think he is Tiger would have to be swallowed by a hole and never seen again. Good luck winning another one Phil!! Enjoy it while it lasts.





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