Johnny Miller refuses to autograph a Titleist

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, August 6th, 2005
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(This post is one of an ongoing series about my experience at The Champion’s Challenge)
johnnymillerWatched Johnny Miller hit some range balls next to Kevin Stadler and Nancy Lopez for a little while.

When Johnny was done I gave my 11 year old daughter a golf ball and sent her over to Johnny for an autograph. My daughter came back with a disappointed look on her face. She’d handed Johnny the Titleist I gave her to Johnny and he said “I can’t sign that ball. If I sign anything other than a Callaway ball I’d be shot.”

I bet that is a stipulation in your Callaway contract eh Johnny? “Page 44, paragraph 3, line 17 states: You will not autograph any merchandise from a Callaway competitor or you will be shot. Should anyone ask for your autograph on said merchandise, you will refuse the autograph, act inconvenienced and treat them like dirt.”

Memo to Mr. Miller: Callaway doesn’t know or care what you sign. Hell, they’re just trying to stay in business right now.

Thanks Johnny. Real nice. You’ve made a new fan out of my daughter who just thinks you’re a grumpy old golfer.

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