Good TaylorMade story…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
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A local golf store has a neat story. This golf store (biggest in town) had one location for years and has now recently opened up it’s 3rd.

The very first paying customer the 3rd location had was a guy who was just on his way to Mexico for a vacation. He was planning on golfing there but he needed some new gear. One of the items the guy bought was a TaylorMade Rescue.

The first time he hit the Rescue was on the course in Mexico. He hadn’t even hit it on the range. The hole was a long par 3. He let one fly and it went in the hole! Hole in one with the first swing EVER of his new Rescue club.

I wonder if he had any second thoughts about getting that club?

2 responses to “Good TaylorMade story…”

  1. iacas says:

    Wouldn’t that just be a “good story” regardless of the club he used? I’m sure it’s happened to players who have purchased, I dunno, clubs from other manufacturers.

    Oh well.

  2. mediaguru says:

    Ok Eric, now’s your chance to lay it out on the table. What do you have against TaylorMade? Did TM do you wrong somewhere along the road? Is it just that you’re a Titleist man and you’re biased against all other brands? Seriously, if Titleist made toilet paper you’d be slamming Charmin. 🙂

    Yes that was a great TaylorMade story. It would have also been a great Titleist story, callaway story, hogan story, snake eyes story, bridgestone story, mizuno story, nike story, nickent story….bla bla bla. It just SO HAPPENED to be TM.

    What is wrong with it being a good TM story anyway? Hell, I never considered myself a TM guy before. I’ve always been a Hogan guy. But I am a TM fan now due to their being so cool to me (Jason and the local rep Howard), and the fact that I’m impressed with their gear.

    I also happen to be a Titleist fan, hogan fan bla-bla-bla.