Battle of the boredom….I mean “bridges”

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
Categories: Golf Media

Last night’s “Battle of the Bridges” was “Battle of the Boredom” to me. All the players seemed down, dull, bored and generally uninspired. They didn’t talk much. Despite a bunch of birdies by Phil and Retief there was still a lack of energy or ambiance to the whole thing.

Tiger is bailing out on this made for TV event, and that is a good given what I saw last night.

If they want to keep this thing going for next year I’d suggest this setup: Take Vijay and Nick Price and put them up against Annika and Michelle Wie. We’d probably get more “interesting” commentary out of those players eh?

Retief and Phil closed out Tiger and John before they could even get to the darkness portion of the gig. It took 700 man hours to install all those lights that weren’t used. BFD.

The best entertainment was by far the interviews. I love it when they interview Daly. He’s always good for an answer that you’d never hear any other PGA Tour player coming up with. I liked it when he said he never took a lesson or had a coach because they all said he’d never make it on tour with a swing like that. Classic.

Phil got noticeably agitated when they asked him about Tiger’s newest rise to dominance again. They asked Phil what he has to do to kick his own game up a level to compete with Tiger. Phil gave a dirty look and changed the subject to wanting to make the next putt.

That brought up the thought I just had: Now that Tiger seems to be that dominant force again, are we going to see a bunch of tour players once again sick of answering Tiger questions from the press? I think so.

4 responses to “Battle of the boredom….I mean “bridges””

  1. iacas says:

    I think several things of that question Ian B-F asked Phil the Shill. One, I was glad he did it. After all, what balls! Two: I can’t believe he did it. What a great way to make sure Phil Mickelson puts you on his shit list!

    But seriously, can you imagine being the #4 ranked player in the world, and being asked if another player has returned to the form in which he put a serious beat-down on your pathetic ass? Ian may as well have walked up to Phil and said “So, Tiger seems to be back to his 2000 form. Are you hunkering down for another three years of hell or what?”

    The look on The Shill’s face was priceless. Ha ha ha.

  2. mediaguru says:

    That was a great look Phil had on his face. “Like, oh shit do I have to deal this these Tiger questions again?”

    IBF didn’t get flustered after Phil’s reply though, he just jumped right to the next questions…

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