Played a ton, watched none

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 22nd, 2005
Categories: Miscellaneous

I’ve golfed a TON this week. Wow, I just figured it out: In the last 7 days I’ve played 6 rounds. Ok, I’m an addict. I hope my wife doesn’t read this post.

Played today at the best CC in town. After making a 60 foot putt for a 7 on the first hole (par 5), I managed to card a 76. I’m a little burned out because the temps here have been well over 100. It was 105 yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat. I know damn well that 4 or 5 months from now there will be snow on the ground and I’ll be gazing out the window wishing it was 105 degrees.

I’ve got a bit of “golf on TV overload” since the US Open and British…er, a “Open” Championship. So I haven’t felt the urge to watch any golf on TV. Call it “post major golf apathy.”

So this week on the PGA Tour is one of those weeks where the “B” players have a chance to win, since there aren’t many “A” players in the field. This week could literally mean someone keeps their card or gets their first PGA win. From that standpoint it is interesting. Perhaps as Sunday approaches my interest will perk up a little.

I’d normally be playing a round tomorrow (Sat), but I’m just going to hit the range. I’m also going to get some new grips put on tomorrow. I don’t wear a glove and my hands have been very sweaty. It’s been so hot here I’ve found out what grips become slippery when wet. They’ve got to go.

So Saturday I’ll spend some time at the golf store browsing around and getting some gear worked on. I’ll probably respike my old shoes (not my CDT’s). And I’ll hit the range and practice for an hour or two. I’ll probably get bored and sneak onto the course and play a few holes…

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