Welcome to British Open Championship Week

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 11th, 2005
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britishopenlogoNow that it is 12:01am on the Monday of British Open week I’m making my first related post!

I’m calling it the British Open because that’s what us Americans call it. Yes I know it should be called “The Open Championship” but that is a little vague.

To celebrate I purchased some goodies directly from the official Open Championship shop. I’m mainly a collector of Masters stuff, but I couldn’t resist getting some Open toys.

Here is the link to the Open Championship official web site.

And why am I blogging at 12:01am on a Monday? I’m just a die hard.

My prediction for this year’s winner is going to be one of those “way out on a limb” ones:
Tiger Woods

7 responses to “Welcome to British Open Championship Week”

  1. soros says:

    Tiger has this one, I can already see him lifting the claret jug Sunday evening 🙂

    Anybody wanna make bets on whether we’ll see a streaker or two on saturday/sunday ? 🙂

  2. skostiuk says:

    LOL – hopefully no streakers are there, but in England, well – it’s common!

    It is difficult to pick against Tiger Woods this week – the remaining champ of St Andrews and a player who has finished 1st and 2nd respectively in this year’s majors thus far. Is his game back to where he was in 2000? Not even close, but Tiger is playing very well.

    I’m going to throw out a couple of names of people who I think have a shot this week – Vijay Singh – finished the Masters tied for 5th and the US Open tied for 6th, Vijay has the game to make a run of this week. I also like Mark Hensby who has played extraordinarily well in the two majors this year, finishing tied for 5th at the Masters and tied for 3rd at the US Open.

    My pick is going to be a Top 5 gun and I’ll say Retief Goosen. I’m probably being a little biased by picking him since I’m excited I get to see him play this year when I volunteer for The International at Castle Pines Golf Club (early August). He did finish a tied for 3rd at the Masters and was leading the US Open after 54 holes…bad Sunday, but still was playing some terrific golf.

    Woods will have a strong showing as well as Vijay, in fact I think Els will even perform well. Els has played well this year on non-American soil so this just might be his opportunity. The biggest heartbreak will be Mickelson. As much as I like to root for the goofy Ford guy, I don’t see him being anywhere close on Sunday.

  3. soros says:

    Anybody know what the weather will be like this thursday/friday ? That’ll be major factor determining this major.

  4. skostiuk says:

    go to http://www.opengolf.com and they have weather forecast

  5. skostiuk says:

    1st round complete, no big surprises – Woods leads with a 6 under-par score, but Hensby is sniffing really close with a 5 under-par round to have sole possession of 2nd place. Also Retief (my pick to win this years Open Championship) is sitting comfortably at 4 under-par and Vijay is sitting a shot below that @ 3-under-par I really thought that Els would have a better tournament, but he’s going to struggle to make the cut, sitting at 2 over par – and no surprise with Mickelson, I called it – he may not even make the cut himself sitting at 2 over

  6. soros says:

    Urgh….. Just stopped by opengolf and read this headline…

    ” Mark Hensby has had a nightmare start to his second round this morning…”

    I don’t think I wanna see his scorehard judging from those remarks.

  7. soros says:

    I’m hoping Faldo can make it through the cut this time around, he hasn’t really been around lately (even withdrew from the Master’s IIRC because of back problems.) I just love seeing the Blade Runner out there competing.





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