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Are you a hacker?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 7th, 2005
Categories: Hackers

The latest HOGB poll asks what handicap would you consider to be a “hacker.” Take a vote and let’s see who the hackers really are!

3 responses to “Are you a hacker?”

  1. skostiuk says:

    I think anyone who has a handicap of 18 or above would be considered a hacker. Think about this, if you normally have rounds in the mid to high 80’s, your handicap will be generally around 10-14, depending on the slope and rating of the course, but an average course, your handicap would be in that range. Think about this too – if you’re avg. score is high 80’s, isn’t that bogey golf? Bogey golf I think is a milestone for a lot of folks; it sure as heck was for me when I first started playing the sport. If your handicap is 18 or more, you’re generally shooting mid 90’s and higher, you’re probably having a lot of snowmen on your scorecard and that to me is a hacker. Bogey golf isn’t, generally people who have bogeys are 2 or 3 putting but have a legitimate chance for a par.

  2. mediaguru says:

    Good points. I’m so into the PGA that I kind of consider anyone who isn’t scratch a hacker…. That is probably a bit extreme.

  3. skostiuk says:

    Yeah, that’s a bit extreme, though I can clearly see your point. There are plenty of scratch golfers in the world.