Look who’s back! Look who left…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 4th, 2005
Categories: Golf Media

This started out as a post about two blogs and it just got out of hand…

Look who is back!

It is with great pleasure that I’ve put Musey’s Hole In One back on my blogroll. Musey is one of the very few rare female golf bloggers out there. She was down for a while but now she’s back.

Look who left…

No Damn Three Putts last post was May 14th…

After only two months of golf blogging, John at Saguaro Open has canned it. I really liked John’s takes there. They had (golf) balls. He wasn’t afraid to call someone out for being a bonehead, or praising someone for the opposite.

I inquired the status of Saguaro and he said he’d basically lost interest and didn’t have the time to put together the quality level of posts he wanted.

He used the same direct fashion he blogged with to describe what happened:

” Saguaro Open has gone the way of a million blogs before it: nowhere.”

TravelGolf Blogs have been shooting themselves in the foot with their bickering about Jay Flemma. Perhaps they can refocus on golf travel and blogging soon…

Loved Bunker Mulligan and I’m very sorry about his passing… He’s the first golf blogger in heaven.

Still going strong:

The Reluctant Jamboy: you MUST check out Jam Boy.
The Sand Trap: Tons of content. TST is going to refocus on blogging and less on news reporting (no blogroll)
Bogey Lounge: awesome
EatGolf: awesome
Goeff Shackelford: some call him the best golf blogger out there. (no blogroll)
Jay Flemma: has some new stuff up his sleeve.
Golf Blogger: Rock solid. Lots of reviews and nuggets.
Robert Thompson: great golf blog and takes from up north…aye? What’s that all aboot?
The Golf Blog: The self proclaimed #1 golf blog. (no blogroll)

Yeah yeah I know some of you don’t want to do a blogroll and that’s fine… But the more links the better for all golf bloggers! Rather than thinking that the golf blog pie only has so many pieces to go around, lets just MAKE THE PIE BIGGER!

Ok enough already…. That got a little out of control. Please no whining if I didn’t mention you, or if you didn’t like my opinion. It IS just that….an opinion. That’s what blogging is all about eh?

Oh, If you’re a golf blog with recent activity and NOT in my blogroll then let me know so I can put your link up!

4 responses to “Look who’s back! Look who left…”

  1. iacas says:

    The Sand Trap doesn’t have a blogroll, but we link to other golf blogs whenever possible. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships, after all. Thanks for the link love, and keep up the fine work, Tony.

  2. Musey says:

    Hey, guru. Thanks for the kind words and believe me it wasn’t my choice that I was “down”…

    I do prefer being on top. 😉

    Under most circumstances Up is most definitely better than down.

    Glad to give you pleasure.

  3. mediaguru says:

    A rising tide raises all ships… another great way of describing it!

  4. mediaguru says:

    Glad to see you back Musey… After reading your comment I’m off to take a cold shower.





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