Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
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A fly on the wall…

Well well well. I received an email from someone at a week or two ago asking if I would join their ranks as a contributor. They have quite a large staff of golf bloggers there and I’m trying to make my on deal here fly, so I graciously thanked them and passed on the offer.

Travelgolf has had some major pissing matches with Walters Golf (proprietor of many Vegas golf destinations). I don’t really know what the history is there, but you can read dozens of posts at slamming Walters Golf. I get their point: Yes, there are many a rip-off golf courses in Vegas. But hey, it’s a tourist town. There are courses here in my town that I can play for $20 that would cost $300 in Vegas. I think there are some behind the scenes issues at work as well here, other than some of the overpriced dog tracks in Vegas.

I’ve just looked at travelgolf as a collection of golf bloggers, some of which like to mix it up a little. Some of travelgolf’s bloggers have waged wars against each other as well.

Now we have some blog bombs being lobbed between travelgolf, Jay and now Robert Thompson. Could we be on the way to a bloggonuclear war? THIS is entertainment!

2 responses to “GOLF BLOG CAT FIGHT”

  1. iacas says:

    THIS is childish and retarded. Not your post, but the same “this” you referred to: TG’s dumbass behavior. At least the tabloids use proper grammar and spelling when they launch into senseless, mindless personal attacks.

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