US Open Blog A Complete Failure?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
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Check back June 16? It’s June 21 now….

A while back I posted that the US Open would be blogging this year. Here is the link to their blog.

I was pessimistic that they’d be able to put a decent “blog” together. My pessimism proved to be warranted.

I could call their blog a complete failure, but they would have to actually try blogging in order to fail at it. So this looks like they were just trying to jump on that old buzzword blog bandwagon I mentioned before.

OK USGA boys, next time you want to do a blog why don’t you hire me to do it? Hell, you don’t even have to “hire” me. Just bring me in next time, give me a hotel room, some grub and an 802.11b wireless network to latch onto and I’m good to go.

If not me perhaps any of the select golf bloggers that can be found in my golf blogroll like Bogeyman, Rich from EatGolf, Jay Flemma, Golf Blogger etc. They would all do a bang up job…

By the way, I like how they called it a “web blog.” Any bonehead knows that “blog” is short for “web log.” So they were actually doing a “web web log.”


iacas points out that they did blog and there was some interesting stuff there. So where is it? I wonder why blog and then get rid of it and put back the “check back soon” message.

BogeyMan pointed out there may have been TWO different URL locations…. But the other location only has info on the US Women’s Open now. Once again, why nuke the entries?


Here’s a 3rd url: Seems the entries are there so they didn’t nuke them after all. So a while back I find a link to the original blog locale, and they changed it. I bookmarked it, checked it regularly and nada. Just great. And they just left that locale and notice there (I bet they just completely forgot about it). They must have changed their mind about the locale while setting it up and neglected to put redirect or a link to the new one. Meanwhile I’m stuck there on the old one wondering where the entries are 🙁

OK credit where it is due, they DID “web web log.”

BogeyMan hits this point better than me, check it out.

7 responses to “US Open Blog A Complete Failure?”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    HaHAHA *web blog*

    That’s a first!


  2. Eat Golf says:

    Oh, and thanks for the props! You’re right, we would all welcome the opportunity to blog for them..

  3. BogeyLounge says:

    USGA Blogs Womens Open – Moves Men’s blog?

    I’ll give them credit for trying, but some things the USGA web team is doing don’t make sense. The Men’s Open blog could be found at (, but when I visited this morning, it had been changed to the Women’s Open blog…..

  4. iacas says:

    And, Tony, they DID update the blog during the tournament. You seem to have missed it. It had some interesting pieces – not a ton – but it WAS around.

  5. mediaguru says:

    So why erase it then and put back the notice saying check back June 16th then?

  6. mediaguru says:

    It seems that perhaps there were two different URLs for that as well?

  7. mediaguru says:

    Oh wait….there are THREE blog URL’s!





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