Goosen takes 3 shot lead into final round

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 18th, 2005
Categories: PGA Tour

RetiefGoosenToday’s US Open round was extremely entertaining. I actually like to see the pros struggle, I admit it. It is intriguing to watch their reactions and how they hold up under the immense pressure and frustration that a US Open produces.

Retief Goosen (the US Open machine) is poised to win his 3rd US Open with a three stroke lead going into the final round at Pinehurst #2. He had a minor speed bump with a bogey on 12 and a double on 13, but followed them up with birdies on 14, 15 and 18. What a great finish to his back 9 today.

Starting the day there were 5 players under par. By day’s end only Retief could break par at -3. Pinehurst #2 is getting tougher each day.

Barring some major mistakes or meltdowns you’ve got to put your dough on Retief. No one in the past few years has played US Opens as well as Goosen, especially on Sunday.

When asked about his chances with a 3 shot lead Retief said “If I shoot 1 or 2 over I’ll win.” I agree. For all the other players it will be a “Goose Chase.”

5 responses to “Goosen takes 3 shot lead into final round”

  1. fade610 says:

    With the Goose known for his coolness it will interesting to see it over 18 of the most pressure packed holes in the game of golf.

    Can’t see Tiger coming from 6 back in this venue but again – should be fun to watch. Also a fun mew guy – Jason Gore.

    Olin Browne appears to be way too nervous but at 3 back he is within striking distance.

    Don’t see anyone else with a realistic shot at it – unless – that is – ahem – Goosen shoots 3 or 4 over. HeeHee.

  2. soros says:

    Expect a Retief meltdown like we saw with Mickelson. My money is on this one, who will win, I’m not sure but it wont be Retief, guaranteed.

  3. mediaguru says:

    Soros apparently is a genius…

  4. fade610 says:

    Way to go soros! now put that crystal ball away and come down to earth with the rest of us mortals.
    My only disappointment – I wish that Jason Gore had done better – slipping to 39th from 2nd is a downer. Going from a potential $700,000 to a mere $20,000 will frost anyone’s shorts.
    The Goose is friggin cooked tonight! It will be a long time before the announcers will let Mr Cool forget today,

  5. mediaguru says:

    The announcers won’t be the ones that won’t let goose forget. He will NEVER forget this one. I wonder if this will have an adverse effect on his major future…





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