Sunday June 5 recap

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 5th, 2005
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Unfortunately I was unable to actually watch golf at all this weekend because Comcast still hasn’t gotten my subscriptions working yet. (see this post) Now they say tomorrow. I’m dying over here without my golf TV.

Bary Bryant sneaks up on the rest of the field to win the Memorial. What happened to Tiger, Sluman & Freddie? I told you Sluman wouldn’t keep the lead….

Miguel wins the Welsh Open. The coolest thing about that is that we get to see him hold the trophy with a big fat stogey in his mouth. What a great example eh?

The most dominant golfer in the current era won another tournament. Gee what a surprise. At the ShopRite LPGA Classic she had a 1 shot lead going into the last hole. She eagled it just to remind the field that she was in control. Will someone on the LPGA Tour please step up and challenge Annika? Ochoa tried to challenger her but it was only a verbal challenge which she couldn’t back up.

On the PGA Tour we have the “Big 5.” On the LPGA Tour we have the “Big One.”

3 responses to “Sunday June 5 recap”

  1. Haven’tcha ever heard of a “victory” cigar? It’s funny you mention it, too, because Jiminez once said the reason he doesn’t want to play on the US tour is because he wants to be able to light up a cigar “without people looking at me like I’m strange.”

    Also, I got about halfway through you Comcast rant before I said, “Waittaminit. This guy feels the need to grouse at this length and ardor, while he lives in a condo on a golf course while his house on another golf course (I think I have that right) is being built?” Woebetide you if I ever catch you complaining about millionaire athletes being ingrates. 😉

    Can’t wait until you’re back in action full-time though, hope the cable guy does deliver tomorrow.

  2. mediaguru says:

    Of course I’ve heard of a victory cigar. Problem is, I smoke them during the round before I’ve won anything…

    Ah, the golf course living is only temporary. My new place is not really close to any course unfortunately.

  3. Sports Views says:

    And The Winner Is …

    No more room in Annika’s trophy room!…





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