Greetings from my pal’s porch Vol 2

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 3rd, 2005
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Well. I’ve been away from any media (golf or other) for almost 2 straight days. Has anything new happened since I was away? Is Vijay still #1? Does Tiger still knock em 325 out and 40 right? Has Augusta National announced allowing women members? Have I made a “less than stellar” post which has been critiqued by my buddy The Duke over at The Saguaro Open? Yes? Yes? No? No? Maybe?

Greetings from my new perch, my pal Matt’s milk box. Yes, I’m on my buddy’s front porch, sitting on his milk box again. I did manage to get logged into his wireless network this time.

I’ve been moving all my crap for 3 days now. I filled up 4 (FOUR) 24 foot trucks with crap….er a possessions. I just donated about 40 golf clubs and two carts to the local charity. (Can I deduct full retail on that?). This morning I dumped the last of my worldly possessions into my 10×20 foot storage unit. Then I dropped off my Penske truck at 8am.

Now I’m settling into my new condo. This condo is nice. I’ll post a pic tomorrow from my deck. I can watch all the golfers playing the 17th hole. That may be bad for my game because earlier today I watched what was obviously a 4 man scramble. I watched all 4 players shank their shots into the green.

Apparently nothing “major” in the golf world happening. Sluman has the lead in round one of the memorial eh? Ok. Wonder how long that will last. Made the rounds to my favorite blogs and there is some good stuff out there. Click on my links to the right. Be sure to check out The Sand Trap for Eric’s photos at the Memorial. Very cool.

I’ll be “hooked on net” tomorrow. I’m going from DSL to digital cable. I hear it will be faster. It will be nice to end the milk box sitting. My butt can’t take any more. My reviews other articles will get back on track this weekend!

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