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Justin is on autopilot

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, May 28th, 2005
Categories: PGA Tour

I could spend an hour or two regurgitating the same golf news a thousand other golf sites are reporting right now. But I won’t. Though I will cover the latest in the golf world, I don’t want to be strictly a “news” outlet. You can get that anywhere. I’ll blend the latest with my take, if I have one. If I don’t post on the LPGA or Nationwide, it’s because I just plain don’t have a take.

So here’s my quick take on the St. Jude Classic 05:
Nobody will catch Justin this time. If they do, it will be the worst meltdown on the PGA Tour since the 60’s.

One response to “Justin is on autopilot”

  1. Sports Views says:

    Justin On Autopilot

    Justin Leonard blow out in progress….