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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 27th, 2005
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I check all the golf blogs and sites I know each day. There are a couple I really like. My two favorite golf blogs right now are Jamboy and Saguaro Open.

My golf surfing somehow ended up at the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews last night. Strange how you can end up at certain places.

I saw some interesting nuggets there. First I read the HUGE list of illegal drivers. Most seem to be Japanese models. Pick up an illegal Japanese version of your favorite driver and blow your drives past your friends…

Then I took the rules quiz. These rules quizzes are tough! I found myself just trying to make an educated guess on some of them. I eeked out 4 out of 10 for my first quiz, on the “medium” setting. Smokin’.

The last and perhaps most interesting nugget is courtesy of my pal Bogeyman over at Bogey Lounge. There’s an article floating around in cybergolfspace showing Danielle Aimee of the Big Break III topless and in a G-string. (She does have her clubs with her). There’s something odd about the pic so I’m guessing it’s a photoshop job. Seems odd to me that she would be posing topless for a photo opp, but not have her usual “level” of makeup. Some of the shadows don’t quite look right either. But if it is real, she has a bodacious set of…..clubs. VA VA VOOM.

9 responses to “Golf web nuggets”

  1. Alan says:

    Hmm. I scored 9 out of 10:

    What set of rules are you playing by, T?


  2. Alan says:

    Hmm. Doesn’t seem to link to my results. Oh well …

  3. mediaguru says:

    I must be a bonehead, or you picked the easy setting.

    Doesn’t like your results?

  4. mediaguru says:

    Ok, I took it again and got 8 out of 10. Let’s try the hard setting…

  5. mediaguru says:

    Ok, I’m not as big of a bonehead as I though. I got 7/10 on the hardest setting…

  6. soros says:

    I have no doubt that picture is a fake… not a bad fake (except for the blacked out portion.) Look at the emblems on the wall, “Playboy — Palms — 50th anniversary. September 19-21”

    That anniversary took place in 2003..

  7. mediaguru says:

    In Sept 93 she wouldn’t have had that BBIII callaway bag with her Taylormade irons in it though. BBIII wasn’t even filmed yet.

  8. soros says:

    the playboy anniversary in las vegas was held in 2003, not 1993. Still nobody knew who danielle was, there’s no way she’d be at there… well, highly unlikely.

  9. mediaguru says:

    Oops. I meant to type “03” and hit the 9 key…





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