New golf blogs, golf blogs that are slacking

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
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I’ve added a few new links to my golf blog roll lately. If you have a golf blog that I don’t have in my roll let me know.

–>Chicagoland Golfing (Not a blog, but a forum)
–>Saguaro Open is fairly new with a good edge to his posts.
–>Texas Golf is also new to me. Lets get them a new blogger template!
–>Sir Hacks A Lot (just found it through Texas golf!) They need a blogroll though.
–>Jay Flemma is now posting in his old blogspot address as well as Travel Golf.
–>Sir Shanks A Lot a robust golf blog with lots of info. No golf blogroll though.

OK, now I’m going to call out you golf bloggers who are slacking on your blogs right now. If you are a slacker you either haven’t been posting, you haven’t linked to other golf blogs in your posts and/or you don’t have a golf blogroll:

–>I love Musey, but where is she? No posts since April 14th?
–>Ambidextrigolf has no posts since July 2004.
–>My pal Jason at Carlsbad Confidential has been shut down by “the man.” Welcome to corporate America. They say they’ll open a “corporate blog” but isn’t that a bit of a contradiction? Jason, join us here!
–>No Three Putts has taken up running and isn’t golf blogging as much. No posts since April 29. Come on man, keep the faith.
–>The Golf Blog is the self proclaimed #1 golf blog. That may be true, but they have no golf blogroll. Nor do they link to other golf blogs. Shame shame. The world IS big enough for us all.
–>I took Fore Right off my roll because of no updates since the “I wanna be a tranny!” post on Feb 10th.

OK folks, kick it into gear!

2 responses to “New golf blogs, golf blogs that are slacking”

  1. InstaMarv says:

    You’re making me feel a little guilty because I pretty much go with “Tiger Sightings”…but then, I’ve never told my caddie to brazenly hand out flyers to the gathered masses about InstaMarv being the greatest golf blog of all time, either. (Well, okay…just that once in Dallas.)

    I did remove my blogroll as it was getting to be a carpal tunnel scrolling hazard. I still have links in my sidebar to fav golf sites, etc.

  2. mediaguru says:

    No worries instamarv. I didn’t call you out. You’re quite active and do link.

    Yes my blogroll is getting long. Maybe a seperate page will be needed soon.





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