Nike didn’t waste much time

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 30th, 2005
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Nike 16 Tiger Chip InI picked myself up off the floor following Tiger’s chip in on 16. What an incredible shot. I watched replay after replay of that Nike logo slowly rolling into the hole. I said to myself “What a Nike ad. They’ll be all over this like a cheap suit.”

I just saw the ad tonight for the first time. Nike talks about “control.” I’m as big of a Tiger fan as the next but I’m not quite sure they want to be bragging about “control” quite yet. Wouldn’t having “control” mean you hit more than 57% of your fairways on the season and rank higher than 156th in driving accuracy?

But then again these days driving accuracy doesn’t matter much any more. This is true especially at Augusta where the rough….er, a… I mean “first cut” is only about 1/2″ and is probably nicer than most fairways on any other course.

Let’s just see who has the most “control” at the US Open. If Tiger wins there, then Nike can brag about “control.”

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