Catch Me If You Can

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
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Could this ball be a fake?

Did you watch the movie Catch Me If You Can? In that movie which is based on a true story. A guy (Leonardo Dicaprio) fakes and forges his way into millions counterfeiting checks. He poses as an airline pilot and flies 2 million miles. He poses as a doctor etc…. He eventually got caught by an FBI agent (Tom Hanks).

Apparently Titleist has caught a large retailer that has been selling COUNTERFEIT PROV1 balls!

I think I have found one of these counterfeit balls. Last week at my local club I found a bin of used ProV1’s. Some were the old kind that you could “seam up” and hit them longer, and some newer. But there was one in there that looked “wrong.” The print was thicker, and the “< ProV1 >” lettering was not on the seam. I’m going golfing there today so I’m going to try to find that ball and post a pic of it here.

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