Masters News Conference Wednesday

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Thursday, April 7th, 2005
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Hootie took the stand at today’s Masters news conference. There were the usual questions about women becoming members to which Hootie answered, “We have adopted a new policy. We don’t talk about club matters, period.”

Hootie was forced to legitimate their not inviting Colin Montgomere to the Masters. Seems pretty clear to me as he didn’t meet the qualifications and they wanted to invite Shingo Katayama to draw from their huge base in Japan.

There was lengthy question and answer as to wether or not the Masters is considering putting a “tournament ball” into play. Such a tournament ball would turn back the technology clock and reduce the distance the ball could travel. Ball manufacturers would certainly be against this for general PGA Tour play. Players would too as this would hurt their endorsement money. Hootie made it quite clear he’d like to see a tournament ball.

Discussion went to sponsors (or lack thereof). Hootie stated “we could go on without sponsors indefintely.” But he did mention the plan to add a new practice facility and hinted that sponsor money would be the funding source. Regarding sponsors for The Masters: I love only having to watch 4 minutes of commercials per hour.

Today was the traditional par 3 contest. This is a very casual event where the players have fun with each other and the spectators….er a “patrons.” Remember they’re not specatators, they’re “patrons.”

The latest weather report is for rain Thursday and possibly Friday. Come on Mother Nature, you know better than messing with Hootie and The Masters. If you don’t let it rain maybe they’ll let you join the club. Maybe not, you’re female.

I really hope it doesn’t rain. They’re saying the greens are HARD AND FAST. This is the way I like to see The Masters. I love the need for crucial approach shot placment and perfect putting. These are not as important if it rains and softens the course.

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