Doral – Maxfli Prototype Test 1

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Friday, March 4th, 2005
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DORAL: Despite the 18th hole being the hardest hole on the PGA tour, Jose Maria Olazabal, Phil Mickelson and 2 others are at -8 (64) for the first round of the Ford Championship at Doral. Tiger is 1 stroke behind. Is this going to be another track meet like the Bob Hope?

MAXFLI BLACKMAX: I was able to play 18 holes today with one of the soon to be released Maxfli BlackMax golf balls. I don’t think 1 round gives me enough data to do a full review but my first observations are:

1. The ball feels amazing and is extremely responsive off my irons. I laser beamed several shots right at the flag today and they stuck right there. Even long irons felt awesome. I put a 6 iron to about 4 feet on the toughest hole of the course today and made the putt for birdie. I birdie that particular hole a couple times a year. Pretty good for March 2nd.

2. The ball is extremely durable. After 18 holes the ball almost looks brand new. There are no scuffs or shreds at all on the surface. I didn’t get to hit very many full wedges which can scuff a ball, so I still need to play a round or two more with one.

3. I didn’t hit my driver particularly well today and the temp was only in the 40’s and 50’s. So I can’t come to a conclusion on the distance factor until I play a round with better conditions and a better swing.

4. This ball seems to dislike being lost. On the 2nd hole I knocked the darn thing in the trees twice but found it. This is a great feature for a ball to have. If Maxfli can patent that one they’ll all be rich.

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