Golfin’ in January!

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
Categories: Hackers

You don’t get to golf much here in Salt Lake in January. Usually there are a couple of feet of snow on the ground this time of year. But the temp got up to the upper 40’s last weekend.

For the first time this year I hit a bucket of balls last Saturday. Most of the clubs in the bag still worked moderately. The long irons (3, 4) were not quite working but that is to be expected. Those only work when you’re right on anyway. I didn’t get to hit more than 5-10 full buckets last year because of the terrible tennis elbow I got working on my basement. No more basement work, it’s killing my golf game! Happily I didn’t aggrivate my tennis elbow. I hope this year I can actually PRACTICE.

Sunday I got together with 2 other buddies, hit a few range balls (poorly), and played 18 holes. On the range I didn’t hit them quite as well Sunday as I did Saturday. I may have been a little tight or just expecting too much. During the round there were a few terrible swings, which on this course mean adios ProV1. I did have a birdie and a few pars (let’s not mention the “others”).

Lost 1 buck to each dude so it could have been much worse. It looks like my Thursday group will try to get together for the first time this year at one of my favorite courses: Bonneville.

With a golf trip to southern Utah with 20 guys or so lined up for the first week of Feb, being able to hit a few buckets and play a couple of rounds will help immensely. The southern Utah trip can be a costly trip bet-wise if you play poorly.

Looking forward to the Torrey Pines tournament this week by the way. That finish last year with John Daly making the best sand shot I’ve seen in years was awesome. On the playoff both the other two players were inside 5 or 6 feet for birdie and JD knocks a 60 foot downhill sand shot to about 1 foot. He makes birdie and the other to players choke on their birdie putts to hand the tourney to JD. JD’s driving was awesome but when he wins, his short game is what does it for him…

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